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US: Ukrainian forces need deliberate training on new rocket system

Ukraine wants new US Himars artillery on the battlefield now. However, the Pentagon insists on the need for comprehensive training to ensure long-range precision rocket systems are used effectively.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said Wednesday that while four of the Himars systems were being readied for Ukraine, the training focused on building one platoon at a time to make them work.

Himars is a “very sophisticated long-range system,” Milley told reporters.

“We need to certify these guys to make sure they know how to use the system correctly.”

He said the Pentagon was coordinating closely with the Ukrainian military to prepare teams to operate Himars – an agile wheeled unit that can fire 227mm precision-guided munitions up to 80 kilometers (50 miles).

“What we decided to do, in coordination with the Ukrainians, is to build one platoon at a time,” Milley said, noting that they will have a battery in a few weeks and the program will grow from the.

“We have to start this thing with a rational, deliberate program,” Milley said.

“There would be no point in just throwing these weapons systems into battle. You have to be trained on them in order to get the maximum use out of the weapons.”

“If they use it correctly, effectively, they will have a very, very good effect on the battlefield,” Milley added of Himars.