The Russian Revolution brought 100 years of evil

On November 7, 1917 (October 25 on the Western calendar), the Bolsheviks in Russia launched the first successful communist revolution in history. A century later, the results are still not certain. That’s well into the hundreds of millions. It could reach a billion, if you count the lives cut short by communist policies.

The media has remained mostly silent as the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution has come and gone. After all, the media doesn’t want to appear too biased in its support for their favorite country, the former Soviet Union.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 did not immediately create the Soviet state. Vladimir Lenin said so almost immediately. But a very bloody three-year civil war raged before the White Russians, or non-Communists, were finally defeated.

Then Lenin was finally able to devote his efforts entirely to the destruction of the vestiges of “bourgeois” society. Members of the aristocracy, landowners, businessmen, bishops, priests, deacons and countless followers of the Russian Orthodox Church were liquidated.

After Lenin’s death in 1925, Joseph Stalin increased the death toll with the Holodomor or Ukrainian Famine. Up to seven and a half million people could have died from this man-made famine.

Thanks to the Soviet Union, the revolution spread throughout the world. And what followed communism was poverty, tyranny and all too often, mass murder. After World War II, as Communism took hold of Eastern Europe, this was proven. In 1949, when the communists defeated the nationalists in China, it happened again.

A conservative estimate is that after Mao Tse Yung led the Communists to victory, his regime killed thirty-five million people. This is a conservative estimate and is only the estimate of those murdered, not those whose lives were ended as a result of brutal conditions.

The Communists took over Southeast Asia and look what happened. In the small nation of Cambodia, the killing fields occurred and six million people died. In Cuba, only ninety kilometers from Florida, Fidel Castro killed thousands of people after the success of his communist revolution.

Today, the former Soviet Union is just a memory. The hammer and sickle last fell in 1991. Lenin’s Tomb remains, but only as a tourist attraction. The Russian Orthodox Church canonized Patriarch Tikhon, who was most likely assassinated by the Bolsheviks, as well as many bishops, priests and others who were executed by the Communists.

In America, communism is experiencing a resurgence. Democrats love “Bolshevik” Bernie Sanders. His platform was completely socialist. Democrats embrace the worst of the radical left. Democrats have no problem with violent radical “Antifa” agitators who engage in violence against anyone who disagrees with them. They have no problem with the racist Black Lives Matter mob that demands that people be given privilege or discriminated against, on the basis of race.

Democrats are going further left with each passing day. They no longer believe in liberty, liberty and individual rights. They believe in the collective, just like the Bolsheviks.

Today, in American universities and colleges, a new generation of young people are embracing socialism. They are taught that Republicans and Donald Trump are evil, while the mass murder of hundreds of millions by the evil political system that Democrats embrace is not even mentioned.

What follows communism is poverty, tyranny and generally mass murder. A hundred years ago, the Russian people would not have believed that the new Bolshevik regime would embark on a program to assassinate millions of their compatriots. In America, no one believes that our government could fall and be replaced by a socialist dictatorship.

Given the current beliefs of the Democratic Party, 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution, this is a foolish assumption.