Russia on Monday threatened to deploy nuclear intermediate-range missiles (INF) in Europe, amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The missiles have a maximum range of 5,000 km, which means that they would be able to hit several European capitals. INF missiles were banned until 2019, when Washington resigned fromRead More →

He warned the EU should consider a variety of potential red lines that could trigger “high impact” sanctions and other “serious consequences” from the bloc and its partners, including the UK. In addition to conventional conflict, “hybrid warfare” techniques can include other tactics, such as information campaigns and attacks onRead More →

BRUSSELS, Sept 2 (Reuters) – Poland and Latvia on Thursday expressed concern over impending joint Russian military maneuvers on Belarus’ western border, where the European Union accuses Minsk of pushing migrants to put pressure on the block. Poland, Latvia and Lithuania sealed off their eastern borders after several thousand peopleRead More →