Streamloan adds a technology solution to speed up the loan origination process


The mobile-first mortgage solution from StreamLoan Inc.a provider of integrated point-of-sale (POS) mortgage tools, is now based on Encompass and available through ICE Mortgage Technologywhich is part of Intercontinental Exchange Inc.

The integration drives the automation of the digital workflow extended to lenders, borrowers and real estate agents, optimizing the speed, quality and efficiency of the loan origination process. It also provides two-way integration and data flow that reduces risk and ensures that all parties in a single transaction stay up-to-date in real time.

“Each counterparty operates in real time at their company office, home office, or kid’s soccer game,” says Stephen Bulfer, co-founder and CEO of StreamLoan. “It’s the kind of technology-enabled lending that today’s borrowers and loan officers expect from lenders. These are really table stakes in this environment.

StreamLoan is now launching digital storefronts for lenders in a few weeks.

“Our clients notice that while some players in this space have spent development time on shiny objects, StreamLoan has spent time sweating the details by developing the functional areas that have a significant impact on our lenders’ businesses,” adds Bulfer. “Importantly, our integration with ICE Mortgage Technology is of such quality that we can attract new clients within weeks, without an army of lender IT resources, quickly unlocking new growth potential through the lender’s existing digital investment in ICE Mortgage Technology.”

StreamLoan can serve a range of lenders from a local branch to a business with hundreds of branches, specializing in retail, direct-to-consumer and correspondent channels. The platform is highly configurable and customizable, allowing the platform to quickly, easily and cost-effectively adapt to the ways lenders run their business. It offers native mobile apps on iOS and Android, in addition to a responsive web and desktop solution, which means the user experience moves seamlessly from one platform to another.