Russia’s war fears escalate as Germany and US order evacuation of Ukraine amid threat of invasion | World | News

The German Federal Foreign Office is working on plans to evacuate employees of its embassy in Ukraine if the situation in the country worsens, Bild reported. The United States is one step ahead of Germany, with non-essential staff at its embassy pleading for evacuations “as early as next week”, according to a US government source quoted by CNN.

Earlier this week, intelligence service Dragonfly said Russian President Vladimir Putin could launch a “devastating missile and artillery attack” on Ukraine “at any time”.

He added that an invasion does not seem “imminent” at the moment, but could be in the spring with little warning.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson tweeted on Saturday that relatives of US embassy workers in Ukraine will begin leaving the country starting next week.

He wrote: “The Department of State is directing the families of U.S. Embassy personnel in Ukraine to begin evacuating the country as early as Monday. [according to] American officials.

Reacting to the news, Scott Anderson, former legal adviser to the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, said, “This is not a good sign.”

But he added that people should be careful about drawing big conclusions from the little information currently available.

Mr Anderson said: “The basic logic here is to do whatever you can to reduce the number of people you will have to evacuate if/when hostilities really start.

“If something was clearly imminent, they probably wouldn’t wait until Monday or limit themselves to family members.”

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Reports suggest that Russia‘s action may simply have been delayed by weather conditions on the Ukrainian border.

US government officials told The New York Times that a warmer-than-usual winter prevented the ground from freezing completely.

This prompted President Joe Biden to recruit a team of meteorologists who will keep tabs on likely weather conditions in Ukraine over the coming weeks.

Ninety tons of US “lethal aid” arrived in Ukraine today ahead of reports of embassy personnel.

It was the country’s first military aid shipment after the recent approval and included “frontline defenders”.

A group of around 30 elite British soldiers also arrived in Ukraine yesterday (Friday) to help train Ukrainian forces in the operation of UK-supplied anti-tank weapons.