Russia Fears War as Putin’s Nuclear Bombers Begin Training at Europe’s Gates | World | News

Moscow sent the bombers on a “training” mission over Belarus. Russian nuclear-capable long-range bombers patrolled the skies over Belarus. The move reinforces the close defense ties between the two allies, as tensions with the West escalate.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced yesterday that two Tu-22M3 planes flew a four-hour mission to train “to perform joint tasks with the Belarusian air force and air defense”.

Belarus sent its own Su-30 fighter jets to escort Russian bombers.

Moscow supplied these fighter jets to its ally.

There are now concerns for Ukraine’s sovereignty after the reinforcement of Russian troops near the border.

Kiev has raised fears of a possible invasion in the New Year.

However, Moscow has denied plans for such an attack in 2022.

Ukraine wants the West to provide security guarantees, although these exclude NATO expansion in Ukraine and the deployment of alliance weapons there.

The news comes after the EU accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of encouraging illegal border crossings to neighboring Poland.

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“Already with bilateral talks with President Biden, President Putin, President Biden had consulted the European allies before whom, on the surface, reinforce the position of the West.

“However, this also completely erases Europe from the negotiations, the negotiations on Ukraine, where France and Germany are part of the Normandy Format and yet have positioned themselves as mediators of the conflict, are now disappearing in this new configuration.

“It was much desired and achieved by Russia.

“It’s more or less a Cold War configuration where two great powers, the United States and Russia, who want to protect themselves as a great power, negotiate between themselves the fate of Europe.”