How Russia’s war in Ukraine helped the FBI solve one of the biggest cybercrime cases in years and Americans are finally ready for a big family Thanksgiving, but the cost might be hard to swallow

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How Russia’s War in Ukraine Helped the FBI Solve One of the Biggest Cybercrime Cases in Years

Investigators caught a key figure behind the Raccoon Infostealer malware in the Netherlands as he fled fighting in Ukraine. Read more

Americans are finally ready for a big family Thanksgiving feast, but the cost might be hard to swallow. Here’s how to save money on food.

Nearly a quarter of people said they were stressed about paying for a Thanksgiving meal, according to a Morning Consult report. Read more

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 List Celebrates Small Businesses Owned by Women and People of Color

Oprah Winfrey’s annual gift guide features 104 items ranging from around $18 to $900. Read more

My siblings and I own land worth $1.2 million. My sister wants to build a house there. If she dies, will her children inherit the house?

‘It seems a bit confusing to me. Would his children own the house and his part of the property? What if they don’t pay off the mortgage? Read more

Some 75% of Americans polled would jump at a ‘green’ job in solar, wind or electric vehicles, which tend to pay 21% more

About 75% of Americans like the idea of ​​a well-paying job as part of the new green industrial revolution – a shift from traditional energy to alternatives. Read more

Construction spending increases in September

Construction spending rose 0.2% in September, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday Read More

ACA Marketplace Open Registration Begins November 1: 5 Tips to Help You Navigate the Process

Amid rising premiums, most people can still find coverage for $10 or less a month, according to federal government estimates Read More

‘Shrinkflation’ makes it harder to find an ACA health plan with a good network of providers

As open registration begins, plan provider networks are under scrutiny Read More