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Colin Brazier issued a stern warning to the UK government to prepare against growing attacks by “cyber propagandists” seeking to destabilize the UK for Russia’s benefit. The GB News presenter suggested that attempts to cause chaos have already started through a disinformation campaign targeting Scottish nationalists. Mr Brazier said: “As I told the Russian Ambassador to Britain a month ago on this news channel, I have three children who go to school in Salisbury.

“I wanted him to think of the slow and agonizing deaths they would have faced if they, not the others, had stumbled upon the deadly novichok planted by Russian state murderers.

“I am not a Cold War warrior. I went to Moscow and I love the idea of ​​Mother Russia, as it is presented in the brilliant novels of Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy.

“But this Russia, the Russia of Vladimir Putin, is a threat.

“Its cyber propagandists want to shatter our UK by stoking Scottish nationalist hatred against the union.”

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A Commons Intelligence and Security Committee report released in July 2020 said the UK was clearly the target of Russian disinformation.

The committee also warned that interference from Russian actors would become the “new normal” for the UK.

Mr Brazier continued: “Putin’s defense spending, massively out of step with his economy, funds hypersonic missiles, new gigantic submarines and an advanced generation of tanks capable of outperforming our thickest armor.

“Toys for boys?” Will never be needed? Maybe not.

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Mr Peskov said: “Russia has never interfered in electoral processes in any country in the world: neither in the United States nor in Great Britain.

“We don’t do it ourselves and we don’t tolerate it when other countries try to interfere in our business.”

Mr Brazier’s warning comes as Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wingston announced the resumption of dispersal exercises, a training exercise last used during the Cold War.

Sir Mike said pilots will “relearn how to disperse”, due to “an overwhelming need to remember how to do it”.

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