Fears of a war in Russia explode – Putin prepares 10,000 soldiers at the border for an RTE-type attack | World | News

The head of the Ukrainian defense intelligence agency, Commander Kyrylo Budanov, described a possible Russian attack on his country involving around 100,000 troops. Brigadier General Budanov explained that the invasion would involve airstrikes and artillery bombardments. The invasion would begin with an air assault on Ukrainian positions.

The Military Times reported that the attack would involve up to 3,500 Russian paratroopers and special forces.

A mass ten-point assault along the Ukrainian border would follow.

There would then be amphibious landings in the Ukrainian cities of Odessa and Mariupol.

In intelligence models, Russia would be joined in its attack by Belarusian troops.

Russia called the latest Ukrainian secret service report “hysterical”.

However, Ukrainian intelligence suggests that Russia has deployed 40 “Battalion Tactical Groups” (BTGS) on the border with Ukraine.

BTGs are large formations of troops, armor, air force and artillery.

These military units are designated specific missions by the Russian army.

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Brigadier General Budanov rejected suggestions that Vladimir Putin would be put off by the winter conditions in early 2022.

However, he added “it is not a problem for us and the Russians”.

Ukraine is currently observing Russian troop movements along its border.

Kiev warns that weapons are massing near the border, including short-range missile systems.

Last week, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin met his Ukrainian counterpart and spoke of Russia’s “disturbing behavior”.

He said: “We don’t know exactly what Mr Putin is doing.

“But these movements certainly have our attention.

“And I urge Russia to be more transparent about what it is doing to take action to respect the Minsk accords.

“Our support for the territorial integrity of the sovereignty of Ukraine remains unwavering.”