EU countries supplying arms to Russia aren’t just jaw-droppingly complacent – it’s insane

mad about money

NOT for the first time the courageous Ukrainian President Zelensky hits the nail on the head.

“All you cared about was the economy,” he told German MPs bluntly yesterday, chastising them for doing next to nothing when Putin massed tanks on his borders in early February.


EU leaders supplying arms to Russia aren’t just jaw-droppingly complacent – it’s insaneCredit: Reuters

But this also applies to other major EU countries, since 2015.

Because Germany, France and Italy sold huge and lucrative amounts of weapons to Russia, dodging an arms embargo established in 2014. Ten EU countries were involved, raking in hundreds of millions euros.

It’s bad enough that the Brussels club’s heavy and deliberate reliance on Russian energy is still keeping the Kremlin’s war machine afloat.

But we now know that Ukrainians are being massacred and terrorized with weapons supplied by EU countries: bombs from Paris, guns from Berlin, armored cars from Rome.

Britain’s hands aren’t flawless either.

We also seem to have supplied Moscow, although on a much smaller scale.

The government insists that no military export licenses were granted after 2014. But, as with the EU, old contracts have been fulfilled.

Given Putin’s crimes – from Syria to Crimea to the Salisbury poisonings – it wasn’t just breathtaking complacency on the part of European leaders.

It was crazy.

never let go

It is grim, even as Ukraine burns, to already hear speculation about when and how Russian sanctions might be lifted.

They must NEVER be released as long as Putin and his lackeys remain in power.

Without provocation, these evil men started a catastrophic war to rob a neighboring country. . . mass killing its innocent citizens and razing its cities.

Every day they seem more likely to fail. But the horror is already far too great to be forgiven until Russia is under brand new leadership.

Several thousand people are dead, three million Ukrainians are refugees, the world economy is in shock and Russia is isolated and broken.

We sympathize with its citizens, most of whom sadly still swallow the Kremlin’s lies, for the suffering they must now endure.

But until the grinning war criminal and his grotesque minions are imprisoned or dead, it would be obscenity for normal relations to resume.

Double trouble

WE do not want a total ban on second jobs for MPs. But there should be limits.

Indeed, the government appeared to back a cap on wages or hours during last year’s scandal over Geoffrey Cox’s vast earnings as a QC.

The captain
Josie Gibson stunned as Love Island's Chris Hughes insults her at Cheltenham

Now it’s quietly turned around. He believes that either limit would be “impractical”.

Inconvenient, rather. . . to those Tory MPs who consider an MP’s annual salary of £82,000 a pittance.

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