Although McMeekin acknowledges that the real villains are the ruthless Bolsheviks, he reserves most of the criticism for hapless liberals. Leaving Kerensky’s motives during the events of July largely unexplained, he only touches on the common justification for Kerensky’s refusal to prosecute the Bolsheviks: deeply unpopular among liberals, he neededRead More →

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The Russian Revolution that “shook the world,” in the words of the title of a famous book, turns 100 this year. How was it to live it? Experiencing both the chaos and the possibility of 1917, as well as the crucial years before and after? “The RussianRead More →

The February Russian Revolution began on March 8, according to the New Style calendar, and ironically coincided with International Women’s Day. Russia Direct features eight revolutionary women who made history. Pictured: Inessa Armand, feminist and communist, figure of the revolutionary movement, Moscow, 1904. Photo: Wikimedia Commons The start of theRead More →

On a damp night in July 1917, American journalist Arno Dosch-Fleurot joined protesters marching along Petrograd’s Nevsky Prospekt when shots suddenly rang out. Banners pleading for freedom and liberty crashed to the ground as blood stained the Russian capital’s hottest thoroughfare. After diving to hide in a gutter, the NewRead More →

Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1917 Alamy “The revolutionary must penetrate everywhere, into all strata, upper and middle, into the merchant’s shop, into the church, into the mansion, into the bureaucratic, military and literary worlds, into the third section [the Czar’s secret police], and even in the Winter Palace.Read More →