London CNN Business — According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global fossil fuel emissions are set to peak in 2025, with countries committing huge sums of money to low-carbon fuels. In its annual World Energy Outlook report, released on Thursday, the agency said Russia‘s assault on Ukraine had theRead More →

Many observers noticed that during Putin’s war in Ukraine, more and more non-Russians, at least some of whom were counted by Moscow as assimilated and therefore Russian, chose to proudly declare themselves “non-Russians”. ( At the same time, many people whom the regime classifies as Mo Russians consider themselves toRead More →

Published on: 10/19/2022 – 21:00 Kyiv (Ukraine) (AFP) – Russia began evacuating civilians from Kherson in southern Ukraine on Wednesday in the face of advances by Kyiv, which said the population transfers amounted to “deportations”. As battlefield developments continued to stretch Russia, President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday imposed sweeping newRead More →

President Vladimir Putin has spent years racing against Russia’s population clock, only to order an invasion of Ukraine that locks his country’s population into historic decline. In addition to the thousands of casualties on the battlefield, the enlistment of 300,000 reservists to join the fight – and even greatest flightRead More →

By Pierre Fabricius* Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine has rekindled the perennial debate over the need to reform the United Nations (UN) Security Council, including the Permanent Representation for Africa. But has conflict also increased the likelihood of change? The council was designed in war – can it also beRead More →