Mykhailo Riabko, 64, walks past the damaged building of the School of Technology after a Russian attack in … [+] Sloviansk, Ukraine, Friday, August 26, 2022. “It’s hard to watch this destruction after all these years of work here,” says the technical drawing teacher who has worked at the schoolRead More →

Since Russia invaded Ukraine six months ago, more than 12 million Ukrainians have fled the country. As Ukrainians continue to be displaced across Europe, there is also the very real fear of Russia’s plans to completely displace Ukrainian culture. Even before declaring its independence in 1991, Ukraine has always differentiatedRead More →

Six months ago, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, Russia has occupied 13% more of the country, killed thousands of Ukrainians, razed major cities and countless towns and villages, strangled the Ukrainian economy, taken hostage the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and caused hundreds of billionsRead More →

Russia’s poor military performance in Ukraine could exacerbate worrying long-term trends for Moscow arms manufacturers; an industry vital to the Kremlin’s soft power abroad. President Vladimir Putin’s claim to technological superiority over his Western adversaries seems less and less credible, as Russian forces battle against Ukrainians armed with the latestRead More →

Vladimir Putin boasted about Russia’s ‘high precision weapons’, saying Moscow was ready to sell them to global allies (Reuters) Vladimir Putin has bragged about Russia’s “high-precision weapons”, saying Moscow is ready to sell them to global allies as the war in Ukraine stretches into its sixth month. The Russian presidentRead More →

Kyiv-based Paul Niland explores recurring feature of Vladimir Putin’s 22-year rule Being at war is abnormal, unless you are Russian. Wars start when all else fails. Diplomacy has failed. Mediation failed. All that remains is to ask brave men and women to risk their lives in the service of theirRead More →