For centuries, bread has been the cornerstone of civilization. Riots and revolutions have been sparked over the availability of this staple – and food prices more broadly, particularly as they relate to the Middle East and North Africa. Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine now threatens much of the wheat andRead More →

World leaders were universally shocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with two exceptions. President Biden said US intelligence gave him enough notice. China’s Xi Jinping met Vladimir Putin at the Beijing Olympics, where they jointly issued a statement of ‘limitless strategic partnership’ which included opposition to NATO expansion – Putin’sRead More →

The verdict is in: Russia invaded Ukraine for two reasons. One is Moscow’s obsessive pursuit of nationalist and imperial ambitions – to unify the two countries and eliminate a separate Ukrainian identity. The other is Vladimir Putin’s misperception – he is an isolated, overconfident autocrat who has played his handRead More →

After visiting Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters that Russia was “failing” in its war aims in the country. Blinken’s comments came after he traveled to Kyiv with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The pair spoke to reporters Monday in Poland after crossing the Ukrainian border.Read More →

Firefighters work to put out a fire in a warehouse amid Russian shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Saturday, April 23. (Felipe Dana/AP) In the early hours of Sunday morning in Ukraine, here are the latest developments in the war: Ukraine claims citizens of Mariupol were forcibly deported to the Far EastRead More →

Placeholder while loading article actions The UN Secretary General this week called for an Easter truce between Russia and Ukraine. Orthodox Christians in both countries celebrate Easter on Sundays. But as the fighting continued to rage, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday accused Moscow of rejecting the UN proposal. Russia‘sRead More →

A close ally of Russia, China has publicly defended a position of strategic neutrality since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in February. Although Beijing has expressed no support for Moscow for its actions in Ukraine, the country has not participated in issuing sanctions against Putin as trade in raw materials andRead More →

A senior US defense official confirmed The war zone Monday morning, something Ukrainian officials have been saying for a while now about arms supplies from Russia. Not only is Russia suffering huge battlefield casualties, but its ability to resupply its forces has been undermined thanks to punitive economic sanctions imposedRead More →

On Wednesday, investigators from nearly a dozen countries scoured bombed-out towns and freshly dug graves in Ukraine for evidence of war crimes, and a wide-ranging investigation by an international security organization detailed what she called “clear patterns” of human rights abuses by Russian forces. Some of those atrocities could amountRead More →

Ukrainian military intelligence reported on March 24 that Russian occupation troops in the country were confiscating books and other materials that the Russian government deemed “extremist” – mainly books about the Maidan revolution in Ukraine, the war against Russian-backed separatists in parts of eastern Ukraine. , and studies of Ukraine’sRead More →

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have spent much of his Tuesday phone conversation with his Mexican counterpart discussing Ukraine. According to Canada’s official reading, “The Prime Minister has invited the President to participate in the ‘Stand up for Ukraine’ campaign engagement event on April 9, which he is co-hostingRead More →