After years of undeclared war in the eastern Donbass region, this week has seen the risk of a full-fledged confrontation between Russia and Ukraine increasing, which threatens to involve Ukraine’s military intelligence chief. NATO Kyrylo Budanov warned the Military Times that over the weekend Russia “had more than 92,000 troopsRead More →

The head of the Ukrainian defense intelligence agency, Commander Kyrylo Budanov, described a possible Russian attack on his country involving around 100,000 troops. Brigadier General Budanov explained that the invasion would involve airstrikes and artillery bombardments. The invasion would begin with an air assault on Ukrainian positions. The Military TimesRead More →

A Russian weapons test has created more than 1,500 pieces of space junk that now threaten all seven astronauts aboard the International Space Station, U.S. officials said Monday. The State Department confirmed that the debris came from an old Russian satellite destroyed during Monday’s anti-satellite weapons test. “It was dangerous.Read More →

It’s Monday, welcome to Overnight Defense & National Security, your nightly guide to the latest developments at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and beyond. Subscribe here: A major test of Russian anti-satellite weapons has created a potentially dangerous field of about 1,500 pieces of debris in space and has raisedRead More →

RUSSIAN EXTREMES An interesting phenomenon of recent years has been the growth of specialist billionaire observers – consultants who scrutinize the population of the Ultra High Net Worthlike naturalists observing wildebeest migration. They are not yet at the point of affixing satellite trackers to billionaires so they can follow themRead More →

To get Oliver Bullough’s Weekly Oligarchy delivered straight to your inbox register here EXTREME RUSSIANS An interesting phenomenon in recent years has been the growth of expert billionaire observers – consulting firms that scrutinize the Ultra-High-Net-Worth population, much like naturalists observing wildebeest migration. They haven’t yet gotten to the pointRead More →